Info Security Dogs

Every day there are more good natured dogs being lost in a faulty security dog education than less good natured dogs are born.

If we have a look on today’s dog scene we find thousands of trainers, instructors and assistants in the security dog education.

Here not only the beginners have a difficult time to find out what is the key to the success.

For more than 30 years I have been engaged in the education / training of dogs of different races, characteristics and instincts.

During this time I have been training, correcting, administering therapies and educating security dogs as well as family dogs to be reliable and loyal companion and some of them I have saved from the sanctuary.

In doing so I experienced ups and downs as well as success and failure. Therefore I possess diversified experiences which many are not able to incorporate into the education.

Training and educating dogs is more than just a routine for me. I’m constantly striving to optimise the ways and methods of education and to attune to the different and individual requirements.

My way of training dogs is not based only on satellisation or enforcement. Neither is it tightened to a strict routine. It is more adjusting the training to the dog handler and to the individual dog. It is my opinion that only a dog working out of its own motivation is a reliable dog. A dog trained under pressure will never be a reliable working or security dog, since it would always try to avoid the pressure.

Abiding to the motto…

If you are satisfied with the training of your dog and your trainer as well as with the assistants, don’t change your system. But if you are experiencing difficulties or want to, respectively have to get to know a different function, I’m (we are) happy to assist you.

Security dog education for private security services.

The basics of every reliable company in the private security service which is using security dogs are well trained staff and well trained dogs. Often it is the lack of specialists, time and the costs that there is no high value in steady and continuing education.